Wisdom of the East

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The spiritual philosophies from the East–from Islam to Buddhism–have influenced our lives in the West. Wisdom of the East is a captivating collection that brings together ancient teaching stories with contemporary reflections by women and men who have been influenced by these philosophies. The majority of entries are original, written by the leading writers and authorities on Eastern thought. Cheri is one of the contributing authors to this enlightening compilation.

 From the Back Cover:

For more than a half-century, the spiritual philosophies of the East–from India to Japan, from yoga to Buddhism–have influenced our lives in the West. This captivating anthology features fifty authors, among them leading teachers, writers, and practitioners of the major spiritual traditions rooted in Asia, who share their favorite teaching stories and poems, along with the wisdom they gained from them. This combination of ancient text and contemporary memoir brings together simple “turning words” and the sustaining, practical insights they inspire.

“In Wisdom of the East, people from different walks of life describe how their lives have been changed by their religious practice. These moving vignettes illustrate vividly two truths: that the most intimate and personal experience can also be the most universal, and that a strong spiritual practice is the necessary base for activism. This book will inspire and delight its readers.”
— MARGARET MILES, Dillenberger Professor of Historical Theology, The Graduate Theological Union; 1999 President of the American Academy of Religion

“This intimate and deeply refreshing book kisses the soul awake . . . like the Buddhist vision of the universe, the jeweled Net of Indra, where in each gem you can see both the whole world and your own face-and know they are one.”
— JOANNA MACY, author of Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World

“In a world so filled with distress and dismay, a volume like this brings us hope and faith in our immeasurable capacity for compassion and altruistic service. Here we encounter the wisdom of the East, but the true East is found wherever the human heart shines with love.”
— B. ALAN WALLACE, author of Buddhism with an Attitude: The Tibetan Seven-Point Mind-Training

“. . . A cornucopia of superb storytelling-short, simple, down-to-earth tales of real people facing life head-on through the wisdom of the Eastern contemplative traditions. Thankfully, Suntree has not surfeited us with dessert here but has orchestrated quite a piquant feast, with plenty of hearty, salty, and spicy dishes. Delightful and instructive reading.”
— STEPHEN COPE, author of Yoga and the Quest for the True Self

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