Cheri Clampett, C-IAYT, ERYT-500

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Therapeutic Yoga is a particularly effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. Therapeutic Yoga combines restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques in such a way that it is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress. Therapeutic Yoga is a deeply meditative experience – it provides the opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of the outside world and access the deeper wisdom that resides within us.

It has been my joy and passion to support the healing process of many individuals through the gifts of Therapeutic Yoga. It’s my wish for you that through these teachings you will find more ease in your body, peace of mind, and greater levels of health and well-being. Thank you for visiting us here at Therapeutic Yoga. Wishing you all the best on your yogic path. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a note through our contact page.


Cheri's Bio:
Cheri Clampett, C-IAYT, ERYT-500 is the Founder and Director of the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program. She is a certified yoga therapist with over 25 years of teaching experience and is passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga to those recovering from or living with injury or illness. Cheri has presented Therapeutic Yoga at Beth Israel Medical Center and the Langone Medical Center at NYU. Cheri started the yoga program at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center in 1999, where she continues to teach weekly classes. Cheri’s teaching focuses on the healing aspects of yoga: freeing the body, breath and flow of energy through practicing with awareness, compassion, and love. Cheri is the co-author of the Therapeutic Yoga Kit, published by Inner Traditions.


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