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160 Page Manual

Plus an exciting mix of pre-recorded instruction, audio, video, and multimedia.

16 Restorative Poses

Learn variations, benefits, contraindications, & complementary gentle yoga.

Virtual & In-Person Techniques

How to serve, adapt, and share your light with students and clients, both near and far.

"This training was exactly what I was looking for and so much more. I'm excited to share what I have learned in our yoga studio with groups and individuals. It was amazing how connected I felt and wonderful the training was in an online atmosphere. The bonus is I can go back and review the materials."
Cathy F., Traverse City, MI
2020 Level I Graduate

The Therapeutic Yoga Training - Level I Online - gives yoga teachers the skills to work intelligently with students who are living with chronic illness, injury, and age-related challenges. Knowing how to work with these populations will deepen your confidence as a teacher, expand the range of private clients you can work with, and increase the types of classes and one-on-one sessions you can offer, both in-person and virtually.

Yoga Teachers

This training provides 32 continuing education hours (CEs) for the Yoga Alliance registry. 

Meet Your Teachers

Cheri Clampett, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500
Arturo Peal, MA, (TCM), LMP

Yoga Therapists

This training is approved as continuing education hours through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

The Therapeutic Yoga Training program has taught thousands of graduates for the last twenty five years. Our highly refined curriculum is optimized to give you what you need to readily apply the techniques and knowledge in real world settings. The trainings are now available exclusively in the new online format enabling you to learn at your own pace. Sign-up includes access to the content for a full year!

Therapeutic Yoga is a gentle healing art that integrates restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breath work, energy healing, and guided meditation to create an environment that supports the body, mind, and spirit in the process of healing. In addition to yoga teachers, our graduates include nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, acupuncturists, and other healthcare professionals. Upon completion of the program, they are able to integrate the techniques taught in the training into patient care. Many of our graduates have successfully taken Therapeutic Yoga into hospitals, hospices, home-care situations, and many other areas of healthcare.


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"I cannot say enough good things about the Level l Therapeutic Yoga Training I took last year. It was the first online training put forth due to Covid and I found it to be beautifully presented, very educational, entertaining and informative."
Kathleen B., Pasadena, CA
2020 Level I Graduate

The training content is divided into six "days" of material. Each one starts with a Therapeutic Yoga class featuring the restorative and gentle yoga that will be taught in-depth that day. Ambient musician Avahara (pictured here with Cheri) accompanies Cheri's classes with relaxing meditative music. (The photo above is of Day 1 of the training in the student portal).

 In place since 1998, our certified training offers a comprehensive and highly refined curriculum that includes:

  • 16 restorative yoga poses and theory
  • gentle yoga poses
  • benefits and contraindications of each pose
  • effect of restorative poses on acupuncture meridians
  • how to modify poses and practice for the needs of the student
  • using Zoom effectively for Therapeutic Yoga sessions and classes
  • sequencing guidelines for teaching Therapeutic Yoga
  • physiology of stress and relaxation
  • anatomy from the yogic perspective
  • physiology of connective tissue
  • scar tissue and adhesions
  • guided meditation for stress reduction and healing
  • physiology of respiration
  • pranayama techniques for healing
  • in-person & remote energy healing techniques
  • hands-on techniques including self-massage
  • aromatherapy for Therapeutic Yoga
  • supporting healing in students and clients
  • self-care practices for the practitioner

Bonus Features

  • 3 Guided Meditations (for download)
    • Experience Your Layers Meditation
    • Palpating Layers Meditation
    • Protection & Healing From Viruses Meditation

 Join thousands of others who have taken the Therapeutic Yoga Training!

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"Cheri and Arturo are an amazing duo! They provide a space to learn and heal in a beautiful, considerate, fun and wisdom filled training. I really loved both trainings and am extremely grateful for this opportunity to spend time with them."
Chastaneyka W., Bedford, VA

Meet the Teachers

Cheri Clampett

Cheri Clampett, C-IAYT, ERYT-500 is the Founder and Director of the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program. She is a certified yoga therapist with over 25 years of teaching experience and is passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga to those recovering from or living with injury or illness. Cheri has presented Therapeutic Yoga at Beth Israel Medical Center and the Langone Medical Center at NYU. Cheri started the yoga program at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center in 1999, where she continues to teach weekly classes. Cheri’s teaching focuses on the healing aspects of yoga: freeing the body, breath, and flow of energy through practicing with awareness, compassion, and love. Cheri is the co-author of the Therapeutic Yoga Kit, published in January 2009 by Inner Traditions. Her most recent passion project has been the Preparing For Surgery online offering.

Arturo Peal

Arturo Peal MA, (TCM), LMP, Co-Founder of the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program, is an anatomy and physiology (A&P) instructor and a certified yoga therapist. He holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine, practices CranioSacral Therapy and has been involved in the “alternative” health-care field for more than 30 years. His weekly classes in Therapeutic Yoga serve students who are unable to do a traditional Vinyasa practice. He integrates his expertise in Anatomy, Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, and the healing processes to present a multidimensional understanding of the human body.