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One of the benefits of an online pre-recorded training is that you can easily attend from different timezones and learn at your own pace. The student portal with all content will remain available to you for one year from sign-up, enabling you to watch and re-watch any lectures or practices. 


What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Therapeutic Yoga is a blend of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided visualization techniques combined in such a way that makes it an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance. It is a particularly good practice for those recovering from or living with injury or illness.

The Therapeutic Yoga Training Program was developed as a continuing education program for yoga teachers and health care professionals. We have also opened the training up to those who would like to learn more about Therapeutic Yoga for personal growth, often to meet a need for greater self-care or care for a loved one.

How do I sign up?

All signup happens right here on our website. Identify the training you would like to attend on the  Online Training page and click on the appropriate "Find Out More" button to see more information.

I am a nurse, can I take the training?

Absolutely! We’ve had nurses coming to our training since we first started in 1998 – you are an integral part of our broader focus on introducing Therapeutic Yoga to clinical settings.

We recommend visiting our healthcare professionals page for video testimonials from nurses who have taken the training as well as more nurse-specific information.

I am a doctor, can I take the training?

Certainly! We get a steady flow of doctors attending our training, everyone from neurologists to podiatrists. Typically, a doctor will be looking for additional strategies they can provide for patients to do outside the office, and Therapeutic Yoga is a great choice for this because it is designed to work with those recovering from or living with injury or illness. Some MDs who take our training will bring the techniques from the training into individual office visits, while others have incorporated yoga classes and sessions into the scope of offerings at their practice. You’ll also learn a lot of different yogic techniques that you can incorporate immediately into your patient practice and self-care routine.

We recommend visiting our healthcare professionals page for more information on how doctors are using the material taught in the training.

Where can I find a Therapeutic Yoga practitioner?

You can find a list of practitioners available for private consultation on our practitioner listing page, along with other information relating to the practice.

I am still receiving my yoga certification, can I take the training?

Yes. Our training provides a lot of information on how to work with different populations, including seniors, pregnant women, and those living with or recovering from illness or injury. As a yoga teacher it is helpful to have the knowledge we offer in this training so that you can modify postures to enhance the benefits for these populations.

I am a licensed psychologist, can I take the training?

Yes! We have had quite a few psychologists take the training and right away implement much of what they learned directly into their practice.  We believe you will find this training beneficial personally as well as professionally. We do suggest that you have some experience / exposure to yoga in general, such as taking classes, so that you have a framework in place for the material we cover. Being that psychologists are working virtually, Therapeutic Yoga gives you additional tools and techniques for helping client with anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

How much does the training cost?

To get specific price information, visit our Online Training page

Can a physical therapist or an occupational therapist take the training?

Yes! We have had many PT’s and OT’s take the training, and the feedback we have gotten is that it is highly applicable to their work in the field. Since the practice of Therapeutic Yoga is specifically geared towards those recovering from injury or illness, it is especially appropriate for those populations OT’s and PT’s generally work with. The poses are quite gentle, relying on gravity to mindfully open the body, and we also cover techniques such as breath work and guided visualization that can be done by those who are in an acute stage of recovery where movement is not yet advisable. The program curriculum covers scar tissue and how to use the yoga techniques to work with adhesions as well as other mobility restrictions. In addition, we cover working with patients suffering from chronic stress and anxiety via in-depth lecture and experiential practices.

I am a massage therapist, can I take the training?

Yes! The Therapeutic Yoga Training offers many useful techniques that massage therapists can seamlessly incorporate into their practice. The energy work, breathing practices, guided meditation, and aromatherapy are easily combined with a typical massage session. 

During a pandemic where close proximity is not safe, Therapeutic Yoga can be virtually offered to clients with many wonderful benefits. For a massage therapist, this training will enable you to offer gentle ways to reduce stress and bring healing without offering massage.

To get the most out of the training it is best if you have some understanding of the teachings of yoga and exposure to basic anatomy concepts and theory. If you are thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, i.e. wanting to teach yoga classes, then you will want to take a yoga teacher certification course first, then take the Therapeutic Yoga training – this is due both to the way Yoga Alliance certification units are offered, and also to ensure you get the most out of our training.