Looking for a way to step inward, leave the day behind, and get in touch with the emanations of spirit around you? Let Cheri Clampett’s soothing voice and Jack Lee’s flowing music take you on a journey through three tracks:  two guided meditations and a track of instrumental music for your own meditation.

The Sun and Moon Meditation is an adventure of discovery that propels you into the universe where you experience the union of Sun & Moon, Yin & Yang, and Body & Spirit.

The Meridian/Chakra Meditation encourages you to follow the rainbow light as you travel through the energy vortexes and pathways of your body.Explore ancient techniques of working with light to expand your consciousness and invoke healing and serenity.

The Sun and Moon Meditation Music is instrumental music for deep relaxation and meditation.

Experience the mysteries of your Inner Universe with these two powerful Guided Meditations. Already in its second printing, this CD is a favorite of yoga students everywhere.

Available from Amazon in MP3 and CD format.