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  • Angels In The Atmosphere

    Angels In The Atmosphere

    Angels In The Atmosphere and Slow Wave Journey are instrumental albums created especially for accompanying gentler yoga practices. They are available individually on iTunes and Spotify, and now

  • Crystal Visioning Meditation

    Crystal Visioning Meditation

    This is a powerful meditation which focuses energy towards our best life and greatest wellbeing. It is a great meditation to listen to any time you want to release the past and step forward into

  • Preparing For Surgery

    Preparing For Surgery

    A set of 3 guided meditations to help yourself or a loved on prepare for surgery and the recovery afterwards.Preparing For Surgery (15 minutes)Healing Mist (12 minutes)Ocean Breath (5

  • Wisdom of the East

    Cheri is one of the contributing authors to this enlightening compilation. From the press release: The spiritual philosophies from the East--from Islam to Buddhism--have influenced our

  • The Therapeutic Yoga Kit

    In The Therapeutic Yoga Kit, Cheri Clampett and Biff Mithoefer combine the gentle healing of Therapeutic Yoga and the quiet awareness of a yin practice to present 16 gentle postures that relieve

  • The Sun & Moon Meditation

    Experience the mysteries of your Inner Universe with these two powerful Guided Meditations: The Sun and Moon Meditation is an adventure of discovery that propels you into the universe where you